Investing in a new house or flat by top real estate builders in Chennai is one among the most crucial decisions of your life and probably you have been dreaming for a long time. Years of saving and years of planning can’t be let go at the right moment once you make the final decision. Hence, you’re required to know all possible points in mind before you’re taking the leap and make a selection. As buying a house might also involve taking a decent amount of loan, followed by monthly instalments flowing out of your income, you need to be extra careful. Although a number of the key factors to be considered while zeroing in on a brand new flat or home is location, possession date and price, some more parameters got to be looked into while purchasing a new flat.

Builder-Buyer Agreement by top real estate builders in Chennai

When you select a flat or house of your choice, you’ll book the same by giving a token amount, in return of which you get an allotment letter. Then, a tripartite agreement is entered upon between the customer, the bank and also the builder for the remainder of the amount. This agreement should be read and understood thoroughly before signing it. All the clauses must be clearly understood and if any doubts, should be raised at that moment itself before its late.

Security and privacy concerns

Lower floors are conventionally considered unsafe compared to apartments on higher levels. This is often probably because they can be easily accessed. If you’re keen on staying on a lower floor, examine the safety arrangements in the society/housing complex given by top real estate builders in Chennai.

Power consumption

Lower floors are generally cooler than higher ones and have a lower energy consumption in flats for sale in RA Puram. This is often a crucial factor to think about in cities that have long and harsh summers.

Building plan

The building plan is another document that must be cross-checked before finalising flats in adyar. Usually, a building plan is approved by the local municipal authority. Also referred to as a site plan, this document will contain a blueprint of the project, equipment layout, and utilities. Buyers must make sure that the layout of the building or project has been duly approved by the local authorities. Any unauthorised or additional construction runs the risk of being demolished or denied occupancy later on.

Fire safety

When you buy a flat on a higher floor, fire safety is often a difficulty. Here, you want to know that any apartment’s fitness for occupancy is often gauged by whether it’s been granted an occupancy certificate (OC) by the local authorities.

With the help of an OC, you get to understand that the building has been constructed consistent with the permissible plans and abiding local laws whereby the municipal corporation of the world issues this document to the top real estate builders in Chennai.


Privacy and sound-proofing are the two biggest qualms for buyers, hence you want to ask about the building standard for the walls – especially on the shared walls in Flats. As such, you need to see if these standards are simply being met or if they’re being exceeded. it’s also worth seeing if you’ll stay in the development for a period to know the building soundproofing and if it meets your expectations.

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