The best time to start investing is now. There’s no such ‘better time’ for funding. Investing your savings is way better than spending or wasting it. Making your money work for you and generate extra money in return is nearly as good in reality as it sounds. One such type of investment that even the younger investors can look for is the Residential plots investing with top real estate builders in Chennai.

Real estate investment is in trend nowadays not only because of the advantages it provides but also because it offers the opportunity to take control over the future. Becoming self-employed is of great benefit nowadays, and investing is one among the most effective options one can choose.

For many people owning a land brings in a great sense of satisfaction. Over the years, investing in plots has always been a popular choice across all economical groups and serves as a great asset with good returns. Investing in plots or properties is connected to an emotional factor. Everyone is looking to invest in a dream home that’s embedded with comfort and luxury. There are several plots in Chennai that will meet all the requirements of a dream home. The appreciation value of omr plots gated community has increased to 800% in the last few years. cmda approved plots in omr, are in high demand due to their apt locations and serene surrounding.

Appreciation in value :

At the end of the day, land appreciates better than apartments. The primary cause for this is often that the availability of land is restricted and its supply can’t be increased as per the needs and requirements of the market. As the plot of land ages, it does not depreciate instead, the value of plots increase with time. Whereas, in the case of apartments, it’s quite the opposite. As apartments get older, they require heavy maintenance and constant repairing, which, in turn, depreciates their value over time. Appreciation, to an extent, also depends on the locality, availability of amenities, security, infrastructure, connectivity and other extraneous factors given by top real estate builders in Chennai.

Transparency in top real estate builders in Chennai:

Investment in the land may be a transparent process with little to no complications, especially in comparison to capitalizing on stocks or shares. Moreover, once payment is settled, there’s no other monetary responsibility for the customer in the case of plots.

Chennai is one of India’s fastest-growing cities attracting investments and infrastructure at a rate much higher than most cities. Owning a plot in this city means you no longer have to choose between the two and can simply get the best of both worlds.

Financial Security:

The very first term that comes to mind after listening to the word investment is financial security, and every investor expects to be financially secure after investing. Investing in a premium residential plot is a wonderful option for the ones who seek to get profit while being financially secure at the same time. The value of the property will always go higher within the future, and thus, investing in the premium residential plot may be a great idea.


Inventing in plots gives you the flexibility that you don’t get if you’d invest during a different sort of residential property. Unlike apartments or villas, plots are completely at your creative disposal. You could build your exact dream home there without having to settle or conform to the set design of the community.

Compromise in quality:

There can also be delays in the construction of apartments, because of various reasons. This delay, in turn, may force the builder to finish their projects in a hurry. Often, in this haste, the quality of the product is significantly compromised by the builders, who are trying to cut down the cost while keeping up with timelines. Their inability to satisfy deadlines, due to time-crunch and cost-cutting, negatively affects the standard of the structures.

Standard of living:

Owning a plot of land may be a symbol of luxury. A piece of land has no spatial constraints and any construction on it can be built to accommodate an outsized number of people, counting on the size of the family and its requirements. Hence, having an independent house can also be said to improve one’s standard of living according to top real estate builders in Chennai.

Keeping in mind the vast benefits that accompany investment in premium residential plots one should choose the premium residential plot which fulfils all the requirements and requirements just like the location of the plot, neighbourhood, amenities, etc. ETA Star provides premium residential plots at some great locations comprising neighbourhoods having schools, hospitals, etc. and fulfilling all the necessities like water & sewage, modern design, underground electrical cables, external gym, and park.

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