For years, homeowners and their property professionals have walked a fine line between current interior trends and selecting a neutral palette that draws the most potential buyers. If the best builders in Chennai went with rich colour choices in paint and other decors, they risked paying a price at the time of resale. A glossy red dining room or purple wallpapered bedroom may even have turned away potential buyers.

But as design trends have evolved once again, that safe route of neutral beiges, greys, and whites has led to a sameness that’s a bit tiresome. When the country’s most famous colour trendsetter, Pantone, and several other paint manufacturers announced that their 2020 colour of the year choices were royal and navy blues, dusty pink, and multiple variations of green, many new flats in Mylapore have jumped on the vibrant colour bandwagon.

Be Brave With Color

Bold colours can be so much fun in your home, but you’ll want to save them for accents if you’d like to create a peaceful space. If you love bold colours, don’t feel limited to using them on a vase or pillow, you can add a stunning chair to any colour palette. Colourful artwork is the perfect place to feature more energy to your palette, especially on a neutral wall.

Neutrals Are Still Important

While bold colours get all the buzz, greys, beiges, and whites aren’t disappearing completely. They’re classics. Neutrals will still show up in interiors, especially within the kitchen. White continues to be the most popular cabinet colour, followed by medium wood, then grey. And neutral greys, whites, and beiges are still highly popular on walls and throughout interiors by the best builders in Chennai.

Tangled Up in Blues

For as long as we will remember, blue has been known for being one incredibly soothing shade. (Don’t believe us? Think about how relaxed you are feeling once you look at the sky or are lounging by the ocean.) 2020 has been a tricky year for many, so it’s only natural that blue will become an “it” hue.

Continuing into 2021, we’ll see blues read the dark hue–bold blue walls and deep accent blues. We’ll also continue to see blue being used as a ‘subtle accent’ in more neutral spaces, adding a slight touch of colour to those safer spaces.

Explore New Color Ideas with the best builders in Chennai

Think of your ceiling as an area for creating a replacement accent wall. Painting your ceiling with colour is a trend that is getting stronger every season. Paint colour on the ceiling is a stylish way to give your rooms a finished look. A boxy room, or one without architectural detail, suddenly becomes interesting with a colourful ceiling. The key to putting colour on the ceiling is to choose a colour within your colour scheme.

Back to Nature

After spending such a lot of time inside, many folks are craving some quality time with the good outdoors. If you wish to be one with nature, consider adding earthy tones to your home.

As our home continues to be a sanctuary in 2021, we’re seeing a heightened interest in accenting the space with a relaxing earth tone palette. Infusing these earthy colours via wall colour, furniture elements, or accent pieces create warmth and add comfort to space.

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