There is a wide range of choices when it comes to apartment types given by the best builders in Chennai. It is good to understand the varied kinds of apartments because this information will help you to be vigilant in purchasing an appropriate apartment.

Based on size, amenities and neighbourhood, apartments are grouped into various types. If you are planning to buy an apartment you can go through this list which will help you decide on the type of apartment you want to live in.

Studio / Efficiency / Micro Apartment

A studio apartment is a small living space that often combines the bedroom, kitchen, and living room into an open single room. Studio apartment sizes can vary but are typically around 500 to 600 square feet. For comparison, a micro-apartment is usually 200 to 400 square feet. An efficiency is similar but usually has more of a kitchenette vs a separate full kitchen constructed by the best builders in Chennai. These units are ideal for an individual with only a few possessions or large furniture.

Penthouse Apartment

A penthouse apartment is an apartment located on the highest floor of the building. It is typically very large and sometimes includes luxury features like private rooftop decks and great views. The penthouse apartment often features a personal elevator, and since there are not any apartments above it, vaulted or high ceilings.

Convertible Apartment

A studio apartment or a normal one that is designed in such a way that it can be optimized to create more than one room is a convertible Apartments designed by the best builders in Chennai. The walls are flexible by nature and offer great utility and privacy in these apartments.


A large room in the building that has been transformed into a residential space from a commercial one is a Loft. Since they typically have large spaces, lofts are often converted into studio or 2 BHK or maybe 3 BHK apartments.

Garden Apartments

Apartments with access to gardens are called Garden Apartments. They can be found in the backyard, front side or sometimes within the apartment counting on the look of the house. Usually, on the ground floor, these apartments generally have bigger windows.

Convertible Constructed by the best builders in Chennai

An apartment in Adyar that has enough space to be converted into an additional bedroom. For example, an outsized one-bedroom apartment that has enough space to be walled off to make the 2nd bedroom could also be advertised as a convertible two-bedroom (two-bedroom flex). Watch out —Some apartments may not allow you to put up drywall or may have additional charges that come with installing drywall!


Apartments with two or three levels respectively. The second or third floor could also be used for sleeping quarters only. 

Junior 1 bedroom: This is often a small step up from a studio and typically includes a separate bedroom or ¾ room.

Luxury Apartment

A luxury apartment in Mylapore is typically a spacious, high end living space in an ideal location in an urban area. It is not uncommon for luxury apartments to incorporate high-end amenities like gyms, laundry facilities, lounges, parking garages, swimming pools, a doorman, and so on. Luxury apartments are often very expensive but include top of the road appliances, decor, and convenience.

Co-op Homes

Buying a co-op — short for “cooperative” — entails buying shares during a corporation that owns your space rather than owning your home. The bigger your house is, the more shares you’ll have. With co-ops, you’re liable for building maintenance fees, which may include property taxes, management fees, electricity, gas, and more. Your fees increase with the dimensions of the unit and might fluctuate over the years.

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