It’s the rare household by top real estate builders in Chennai that isn’t wanting for a bit of extra living space these days. Over time, we acquire more and more stuff; then comes the endless checking out places to put it. More often than not, our kitchens are bursting, our basements are heaving (if you’re lucky enough to possess one), and our attics are straining under the burden of things we’ve been amassing for years. Even after an enormous purge, most people still find they need essentials that they don’t have the space to store effectively.

Hallway Storage

So often space beneath stairs goes unused. If you’re considering a home with a second story, you’ll be able to benefit from that space. Here’s an example of how one homeowner did it—installing drawers under the steps to keep things like candles, cloth napkins, placemats, or decorations. Another option can be to turn this space into a creative-looking bookcase.

Fold-Down Desk

In many small rooms, it might be crazy to think about making space for a full-size desk. But you cannot write that novel in bed (well, you could, but it sure would be nice to take a seat on a chair occasionally), so either slip a stool under a table or find a fold-down desk you’ll affix to the wall.

Roll Up a Cart (top real estate builders in Chennai)

Installing custom shelves can be a pain. Instead, roll up a small bar cart or étagère to offer your linens a home. It’s also a decent place for flowers to wash a guest bathroom or powder room: one level for towels and soap and the other for products used during nighttime rituals.

Use wasted space

The windows during this gorgeous apartment are wonderfully big, leaving not much space below. However, there’s room for custom storage. You can use pine plywood to make wide storage boxes that double as seating. The budget-friendly material is a good choice if you want to keep costs down, and its warm tones add a cozy feel to the room in a plot in OMR.

Step Up to the Platform

If your closet and dressers are stuffed to the gills, why not stash your frequently worn fashions on the shelves of a platform bed in the top real estate builders in Chennai? This full-size wooden DIY bed features casters for portability and two wide under-bed shelves outfitted with broad wicker baskets that are perfect for storing clothes, accessories, bedding, towels, and more.

Stair Step Storage

Here’s one of the more creative storage ideas we’ve seen in a while in top real estate builders in Chennai! If you get uninterested in tripping over shoes around the house, on the steps, and even in your bedroom closet, you’ll store your shoes inside your stairs! Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to shoe storage—but this space could be made available.

Attached Butcher Block

Not feeling inspired to cook because of too little countertop surface? We hate our ingredients falling to the bottom due to a scarcity of space even as much as you do. But there’s a solution: Attach a butcher block for that much-needed extra space in posh apartments in Chennai. Opt for one with different levels (or DIY this and make your mini shelving unit).

Banquette Seating

Build a bench therein underutilized corner of the kitchen, top it with a custom cushion, and you will only need a round table and two small chairs to form it feel like a legitimate area, just make sure it’s the quiet bench you’ll open from the top, so the storage factor is maxed-out.

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