What is a Basement Apartment?

As the name suggests, a basement apartment is an apartment unit located on the basement floor of an apartment complex or multifamily property. True basement apartments are located below ground level. a minimum of 50% of the apartment unit is below ground level.

Don’t get the thought that basement apartments are like underground bunkers. They’re not.

Basement apartments differ from cellar apartments by the best builders in Chennai. Those are situated below ground level with few small windows or none in the least.The natural light is significantly less ample than what you’d get with an above-ground apartment. However, it makes a world of difference, especially during the summer.


The demand for basement apartments is typical except for other kinds of apartments, so their prices also tend to be lower. this suggests to you only that you simply could also be ready to snag a bargain in a desirable neighbourhood — albeit you just rent it temporarily to urge a thought of what the neighbourhood is like and whether or not you’d wish to live there long-term. Having said that, some basement apartments accompany a yard, which may often be wont to push the worth copy in new flats in valasaravakkam.

They offer more privacy to tenants by best builders in Chennai

Basement rental units often accompany their private entrance that’s distinct from the most entrance that other occupants of the building use. The doorway is usually found on the side of the building, which suggests you won’t need to worry about constantly bumping into your landlord or neighbours of apartments in RA Puram. Furthermore, the windows of these apartments are usually smaller in size, which adds to the privacy element.

You get to save lots of on cooling costs

Basement apartments by the best builders in Chennai generally experience cooler internal temperatures than their above-ground counterparts. This is often because hot air tends to rise, leaving the lower levels of a building cooler. As a result, these rental units do not believe in air conditioning as heavily as apartments on higher floors during the summer. Consequently, you get many to avoid wasting to save lots of lots of on your bill during the hotter months of the year.

More Square Footage

Most of the time, basement apartments are located under single-family homes. Since most have usually just been converted from being actual basements, there are usually no hallways in basement units — which suggests tons more available space for you.

May Be More open to Renovations by the best builders in Chennai: Renovations aren’t cheap! If you’re willing to put in the time and money to end a basement apartment renovation, your landlord will certainly benefit. They’ll likely be incentivized to permit you to renovate, especially if the renovations increase the apartment’s value and amenities.

Final Thoughts

Finding the proper rental unit at an inexpensive price could mean that you simply expand your apartment hunt to include basement units. Not only do basement apartments allow renters to save lots of money on rent, but they’re going to also offer unique advantages over above-ground apartments.

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