Why is Chennai more appealing as a Preferred Investment Destination?

Posted at 02.09.14

Chennai has in the recent times grown in length and breadth in the Real estate sector. Although, a large portion of this massive growth is attributed to the development of IT, automotive and manufacturing industries, Chennai itself enjoys favorable elements like location, infrastructural growth and abundance of amenities besides others. A number of reasons thereby contribute to the growing percentage of land and residential plots for sale in Chennai. The city is a metro. It may have been perhaps the last to grow economically when compared to Mumbai or Delhi. But it has amazingly managed to pick up and gather pace than any of its metropolitan counterparts.

Investment Destination

The biggest reasons Real estate companies and investors prefer Chennai is simply because

1. There is availability of lot more land parcels in Chennai than there is in Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata. Availability of land is directly and primarily responsible for development of Real estate empires regardless of commercial or residential requirement.

2. The plots for sale in Chennai are relatively more affordable than it is in other metropolitan cities by a big margin. While it may be easier to secure properties and land at that prices in Tier B and Tier C Cities, the advantage of setting up Real estate properties in a metro is completely different. Hence, when economies of scale combine with metro tag, Chennai seems to be a lucrative and attractive destination for buyers and sellers alike.

3. Chennai shows a lot of promise with regard to industrial development and a prospering economy. A number of multinational majors and important industries are making their entry into Chennai and hence are directly responsible for the city’s growing economy plus they also contribute to the increasing percentage of job opportunities in the city.

4. Multiple opportunities invite job seekers from far corners of the country and the world thus increasing housing and commercial demand in Chennai.

The growth of Real estate scenario in Chennai is thus a circle of advantages each contributing to the other in more ways than one. Every single land and plot for sale in Chennai is a great piece of investment option if you intend to realize larger returns even in the short term.

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