2013 ETA  Aadhara  -  Save Water.Save Life.

2013 ETA Aadhara - No Hungry Kid Campaign
Feed one person, just one person. And if you can afford to feed more than one please do so. Start to realize there is somebody that you know on a soul level who needs to be fed. The thought of eliminating global hunger can be a daunting one. You may ask, “What difference can I make?” Getting started can be as simple as this… If each one of us can commit to one person and their need, “Just One,” we will be weaving together a solution for this food crisis. The global food crisis is endangering the lives of nearly one billion hungry people around the world. They are threatened by starvation — a slow and painful death. As worldwide food prices soar, the hope of getting even a meal a day is fading fast. That’s why your one step towards this initiative is important.
2012 ETA Aadhara - Joy Of Giving   
Joy of Giving Week is a festival of philanthropy that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos with the week being celebrated every year covering by engaging people through "Acts of Giving".It is always a beautiful feeling of sharing.ETA aadhara celebrates the Joy of Giving all through the month of October.

2012 ETA  Aadhara  -  Old News Paper Camp
They served you hot news every day, then you spread them in the wardrobe, you used them to clean the glass and as toilet paper too.


Date : 29th June to 13th July2012

2012 ETA  Aadhara  -  Cloth Donation Camp
Do Your Part By
Donating Your Old Clothes
As a responsible citizen of the corporate world, ETA Star has taken the initiative to bring a difference to the lives of the ones in need. As a part of our CSR activity, this time we are looking forward to donate clothes to the uderprivileged. At ETA we are continuously and consciously involved and focused in our commitment towards the society.

Date : 27th March to 6th April
2010 Home For Homeless
After the huge success of the "Homes for the Homeless" program in its first year, ETA Star Properties decided to take the program to the most affected areas in Asia. The cause partners this year was Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organisation, actively involved in the cause in nearly 100 countries, since the year 1976.(More information) about Habitat for Humanity is available at their offcial website - www.habitatforhumanity.org) The main focus of the program continued to be ETA Star Properties & partners pledging AED 2 million, Would be given to Habitat for Humanity to build Homes for the Homeless.
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